Vins en Fête de la Vallée du Rhône wine shows
25 April 2016

We chose Cornas, perhaps one of the lesser known of the northern Rhône Crus, in which to extend the range of our terroirs. There are only 130 hectares of vineyards in this, the only commune to bear the name of its Cru. Syrah reigns supreme on the steep vineyard slopes. It is not hard to work out how Cornas got its name, which means “burnt land” in Celtic. It is hot in our parcel of Cornas, as it is throughout the appellation, with a dry heat which results in extremely ripe grapes

We named our wine “Aquilon” in honour of the wind that sweeps over the hillsides. If you remember your Greek mythology, you will know that Aquilon is the god of the north winds. The strong, cold wind adds to the character of this already feisty micro-terroir composed of granite and saprolite. The power of Aquilon counters the ardour of Helios, the Sun.


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